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Open Recruitment Day at Tawteen Council

Publication date: 20 Aug 2015

Zone Parking Solutions seeks to promote its partnership with Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council.

Zone Parking Solutions LLC, one of the major car parking operators in the United Arab Emirates, has organized in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council (ADTC) an open day for employment, providing a variety of employment opportunities. The two parties held interviews for Emiratis seeking jobs.

ADTC had nominated job seekers and selected them to conduct interviews based on qualification, job requirements and on the condition that candidates complete a questionnaire set by ZONE. There were more than fifty UAE nationals applying for this program who never had employment opportunities in the past.

Prior to getting hired, candidates will have to pass a training program during a probation period which allows them to demonstrate their capabilities. This step is important in the hiring process as it provides an equal opportunity for all candidates, by giving them a competitive advantage in getting jobs in the private sector.

Furthermore, ZONE seeks to extend its involvement in the community to meet and exceed its Corporate Social Responsibility activities by taking part in projects and initiatives aimed at integrating those with special needs into the ZONE community. As such we have employed a number of candidates who added great value to the company, our employees and environment.

Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council praised the growing ability of ZONE to accommodate to the increasing number of UAE nationals who are seeking job opportunities. ADTC also appreciated the future plans of ZONE for raising the skills and capabilities of national employees. The company has succeeded in overcoming the obstacles of “Tawteen” where there is a large gap between what citizens are looking for and what the private sector offers, especially with regards to compensations.

ADTC emphasized on the necessity to continue coordinating with private companies that support the Emiratization initiative, and to ensure that these companies have the required training and rehabilitation programs that would give nationals the opportunity to show their full potential.

As highlighted by ZONE’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Ali Hamad Lakhraim Alzaabi: “The company’s employment policy entrenches the principle that employing citizens and providing them with the right tools will allow them to grow and contribute to a better quality of life”. He also added that due to the rapid and successful changes at all levels requires the preparation of a citizen to be capable to interact continuously with these variables in order to push forward the comprehensive development of the country.

ZONE seeks to develop a national workforce through the training of UAE nationals according to an internal agenda and is confident of the ability of each individual to grow, advance, and progress. We are happy with the young Emiratis’ response who are interested to work for the private sector and share the company’s success.

Additionally, Mr. Al Zaabi pointed out that the participation of young Emiratis has contributed to the development of Zone Parking Solutions’ business at rates exceeding our company’s expectations. We are therefore enhancing their skills and equipping them with the right tools in order to develop further their capabilities and enabling them to assume leading positions where they can serve their homeland. As such, Zone Parking Solutions will continue to endorse Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council through the company’s ongoing commitment to the Emiratization initiative.

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