Zone Parking Solutions covers the full cycle of parking management, from planning and design to implementation and operation for both On/Off-street parking.

Car Park Operations

ZONE offers customized parking designs which include equipment installation and detailed operational services with an optimal management strategy to manage your sites

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Car Wash

Our mobile car wash services in the UAE serves commercial complexes, such as shopping malls, office towers, and luxury hotels. We offer a range of quality car clean-inside and out.

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Our team of industry experts, offer years of experience in car parking consultancy. ZONE offers a wide range of consultancy services designed to support our …

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Contact Center

Established in 2009, ZONE’s Contact Center is a modern business process outsourcing platform that offers fully integrated and automated concepts.We are ISO 9001:2008…

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Zone Parking Solutions can leverage on its strong financial backing due to its established strong list of local shareholders, as such ZONE can partner with prospective clients to …

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IT Solutions

ZONE IT is at the forefront of the parking management activities where we provide cutting edge technologies for both On-street and Off-street parking; projects have…

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Off-street Car Parking Management

Off-street parking forms a large part of our core business where we truly make a difference when it comes to effectively and efficiently managing your car park.

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On-street Car Parking Management

Zone Parking Solutions can design and operate your On-street parking requirements to meet the parking challenges in a modern city by introducing smart solutions.

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Valet Parking Services

The automated valet is a new technology used for clients that require a bespoke and modern service which reflects their vision of future operations.

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