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ZONE IT is at the forefront of the parking management activities where we provide cutting edge technologies for both On-street and Off-street parking; projects have included:

  • An industry-leading Central Parking Management System (CPMS)
  • Automated Number Plate Recognition system (ANPR) that has resolved the local problems and captures the number plates of Middle Eastern countries with over 85% accuracy
  • Successfully implemented various payment mechanism such as Pay-by-phone with dual language capabilities and Virtual Wallet that integrates with the CPMS system for both On-Street and Off-street parking
  • The provision of redundant systems providing full support should a server fail for any reason. ZONE can leverage the virtualization of hardware and ensure zero downtime of the applications by automatically migrating these apps to a different server cluster

Related Services


Car Park Management System (CPMS)

  • On-Street Enforcement
  • Vehicle Removal
  • Customer Service
  • Call Center
  • Assets Management & Maintenance

Smart Parking Solutions

  • ANPR Cameras
  • Bay Sensors
  • PDMS & POFs
  • Pre-booking

Enterprise IT

  • Data Center Operations & Management
  • Command & Control Center
  • Centralization & Zero-IT Branches
  • Service Desk & Incident Management

Mobile Solutions

  • Virtual Wallet
  • Mobile Telco-Billing & SMS
  • Smart Mobile Applications

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